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Top Rated Obo Carrier Page FastTip#17
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The general purpose and use of Bulk Ships that travel by sea
The operation of bulk carriers involved numerous hazards. A careful planning process and taking caution for all critical shipboard matters are important . This site provides quick information to the international shipping community on how to load and discharge bulk cargo. But it is important to not go beyond the limits that are set by the classification society. It is essential to minimize the risk of stressing the structure of the ship and following all necessary safety measures for a safe sea voyage. The detail pages on our website cover various bulk carrier-related topics that might be useful for the crew onboard as well as those working at ashore at the terminal.
General characteristics of seagoing bulk carriers
Bulk carriers, or single-deck vessels equipped with top-side tanks, or hopper side tanks within cargo space, are built to carry bulk cargo of single commodities. Solid bulk cargo is any material other that gas or liquid, which is a combination or larger pieces of material, usually well-composed, and loaded directly into the ship's cargo space. Sugar, grain, and ores in bulk are some examples of dry cargo. In the broadest sense of the word, the term bulk carrier includes all vessels that are designed to carry liquid or solid cargo in bulk form, and so would include tankers. In common usage, however, bulk carriers are used for vessels designed for transporting bulk solid cargos. This includes grain and similar agricultural products and minerals like iron, coal ore, stone and coal.   Check out this dry bulk cargo info for more.
What Is A Bulk Vessel?
"A ship which is intended primarily to carry dry cargo in bulk, including such types as ore carriers and combination carriers"
The carrying weights vary from 3,000 tonnes up to 300,000.
-Average speed 12 15 knots
-Single deck ships, ie no tweendecks
Small to medium-sized bulk carriers (carrying capacities up to 40000 tonnes) generally include cargo handling equipment with larger vessels. Larger vessels use facilities on the shore for loading and unloading
-Cargo hold dimensions are generally large free of obstructions. They also have larger hatch sizes which permit easy loading and unloading.
Most bulk carriers have one ballast hold. It can be utilized for ballast voyages to increase stability. Additional holds can be permitted to allow partial ballasting, however only in port
They are covered with single pull or hydraulic or stacking (piggyback) kind of steel hatch covers
Four types of ballast tanks :
Sloping topside wing tanks
Bottom of wing slopes downwards tanks
Double bottom tanks
After-peak and peak ballast water tank.
What is a solid bulk cargo? Anything other than liquid or gas material made up of a mixture of particles and granules. It can be brought directly into cargo areas without any intermediate containment. The goods transported by bulk carriers, which range from "clean" foodstuffs up to "dirty" minerals and encompassing those that may react with each other or with other sources of contamination, such as water, mean that attention must be paid to ensure that cargo spaces are prepared properly for the specific cargo that is to be loaded. It is essential to wash the cargo space prior to be able to load it. Surveyors are often required to ensure that the space is ready for loading. To prevent contamination from occurring it is crucial that any residue left behind by previous cargoes be eliminated. Damage to bulk cargoes can be most often caused by water. The storage areas must be dry to receive cargo. However the hatch covers need to be watertight, or sealed if necessary to keep water out. All fittings within the storage area (ladders pipes, ladders as well as bilge covers.) All fittings inside the hold (pipe guards, bilge covers.) should be inspected to ensure that they are in proper condition and securely fastened. If they're not properly fitted, the equipment can cause significant damage to conveyor systems, which can lead to delays. Have a look at this handymax bulk carrier blog for more.
Bulk Carrier or Bulker? This vessel is intended to carry dry cargo. Traditional bulk carriers are built with a single-deck and a single skin. They also have a double bottom and the hopper side tank. Topside tanks inside cargo spaces are also included. Bulk carriers can be used to transport heavy ore as well as lighter grain to their highest weight. It's not as simple or simple as you think.
Gearless Bulk Carrier
A lot of bulk cargoes could have hazardous properties or undergo changes during transport. Improper loading can easily cause damage to the ship. There is a possibility for a ship to bow if it is not loaded properly. This ?stress? This can have severe consequences for the sea's life during extreme weather conditions. Last cargoes could be adversely affected by residues of previous cargoes. Water damage can also have a devastating effect on some bulk cargoes e.g. cement power. It is difficult to verify cargoes loaded or discharging. These factors have serious implications on the operation of bulk cargoes. Discharging bulk cargo using? conveyor belts or similar systems are not controlled and supervised, bulk cargoes will create a cone. This angle is known as the "angle of repose" and it varies depending on the specific cargo. Cargoes such as iron ore are likely to form a steep angled cone, while cargoes which flow freely will form an angle that is less than. cargoes with lower angles of repose tend to move through the course of transport. As cargo nears completion, bulldozers might be required to spread the load across the holds. Dry-bulk carriers generally have to make use of facilities on shore for cargo loading and discharging. However certain bulk carriers come with self-unloading options, such as conveyors below cargo holds or cranes up deck.

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